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Project Description: 
To develop concept images for the client as part of a federal funding proposal. The New Media Gallery  will be located in Civic Place, Parramatta, this three-hectare project is the biggest urban revitalisation project in New South Wales.The Gallery will have welcoming arrival, through the presence of café, bookshop and other retail elements. Leading from the Entry Hall and into the Gallery will be the “Data Wall”.  This 10 metre high wall, will be a be a programmable broadcasting facility, with electronic tags throughout highlighting artists, artworks, information about exhibitions

design team leader
develop concept sketches, and planning of 3d form
develop presentation for submission to planning authorites
Software: Sketchup/autocad/photoshop
Architects: Hassell
Client: Parramatta City Council, Sydney
Andrew Overton
Cost: $10 million
Location: Parramatta, Sydney

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