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Archi-parlour guest host - curating some research of facades designed by women architects in Austria & Switzerland, goto #parlourinstaguestatelier604

2019 Australian Institute of Architects-International Chapter (Deputy Chair) 2012-2018. ,2019 elected councilor

2017 Jury Chair- Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) for the International Chapter architecture awards

2017 National Sustainability Prize - Australian Institute of Architects - 88 Angel Street project

2015 Jury member - Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) for the International Chapter architecture awards

2012-present Jury for William J Mitchell Prize, Australian Institute of Architects

2013 Solo Art exhibition Zürich, Galerie 16b

2012 Red Dot Design Award, the awarded project is the key marketing visuals and storefront design for Swarovski’s 2011 Christmas campaign


2011. Woodbury School of Architecture, WUHO Gallery, Los Angeles 13.3% exhibition - selected exhibitor

2010`River of Lights`scullputre project Included in Sculpture Society of Australia`s annual exhibition

2007 `Emergency Architects` Art Auction and Exhibition and fundraiser

2006 Balgowlah House NewSouthWales housing industry (HIA) renovation design finalist and construction winner

2006 North Sydney Public Art Competition Joint winner and North Sydney Bus Shelter Design Competition Finalist

2005 Australian Institute of Architects (AIA)- selected architect for `soul of the architect exhibition` Tusculum & MaryPlaceGallery

2005 Illuminart light Festival, Sydney, selected artist/designer
2005 Sydney Esquisse Art&Design festival, selected designer

2003 MCK17 ‘Public Art Project Space’  Administrated by the NSW Government Architects Design Directorate

LIQUID Tap Gallery, 28 August 10 September Louise OBrien and Janine Campbell, paintings, theme of water

ARTWORK INSTALLATION DISPLAY APARTMENT, 1999 Carillon Place, Newtown, for Bonus Architects

AUSTRALIANS IN NEW YORK Group exhibition at Gelabert Studios, NY, NY. October 1998

KITCHEN KAOS CAFE Glebe, Sydney, January May 1998

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