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RFSH Team: Olivia Hyde, Anika Ekholm, Poune Parsanejad, Wendy Yeung, Aryan Mansor, Georg Ackerman, Siggy Ackerman, Janine Campbell, Toshi Suzuki, Javier Dueñas Estrada, TR

Entry for an international ideas competition for a 22 hectare site on the west side of the Sydney CBD, currently occupied by a container terminal. The brief suggested a high proportion of public open space for the site, as well as mandated areas of commercial development space. The competition process was to result in a vision for Sydneys global presence in the 21st Century.


A small and flexible team was assembled for the project, with varying interests, skills and fields of expertise. The response was constructed around 2 principle aims: a novel public precinct for Sydney, and a zero-footprint (carbon neutral) development. These principles coalesced in the form of an urban beach, that public space at which Australia excels.

Electric cows, ponies and fish (recycling trucks, commuter cars and water taxis) were some of the alternative technologies proposed for the development, which was powered by a biomass generator as well as wind, solar and tidal power. Buildings floated off the ground, and were also planted with rooftop gardens, giving 100% of site area as publicly accessible space.

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