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Gormley Letter


In 2006 I had the  oportunity to assist Antony Gormley to install his ‘Asian Field’ artwork in Sydney. My role was to assist in laying out the figures im a pattern under the direction of Mr Gormley. I include this in my portfolio as it  is one on the most interesting and inspiring projects I have worked on. Antony is one of the rare artists that can cross over to an architectural scale.

Asian Field, a vast sculptural installation comprising some 190,000 hand-sized clay figures, has been made under the guidance of the artist by 350 people of all ages from Xiangshan village, north-east of the city of Guangzhou in south China.  Using local clay from Guangdong Province, famous throughout China for its rich red colouring, the making took place during an intensive five-day period between 18 and 22 January 2003.  The figures were then fired in the kilns of a local brick-making factory in readiness for the first showing of the work in Guangzhou, in March 2003, where it was shown for three months prior to touring to Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing throughout 2003 and 2004. 
Antony Gormley has been committed to Field as an ongoing project since 1989, and to date he has made different versions working with local communities throughout the world, from the Brazilian Rain Forest to Northern Europe.
text abridged from British


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