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ja9 design was engaged by Steele & Associates to develop the initial planning and site layout of  the three teraces.

ja9 design developed and tested various 3d models to incorporate the green roof, courtyards and solar panels.


The Green Pocket` is a development of a residential site in an urban part of Sydney. The concept is to incorporate a green roof as part of the City of Sydney strategy for urban renewal.

The original site consisted of a single dwelling, that was demolished and replaced with 3 green roof courtyard terrace houses. A green roof is a roof system designed to promote the growth of various forms of vegetation on the top of buildings.

Differing from a roof garden, a green roof can also support various forms of renewable energy and water collection technology to assist in supplying power and water to the occupants of the building. 

See more info here about Oliver's project:

The project has won various awards, including the Australian Institute of Architects national sustainability award 2017:

Angel Street collage sketch
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